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WHO recommends triple drug therapy to accelerate global elimination of lymphatic filariasis

03 November 2017

The World Health Organization (WHO) is recommending an alternative three drug treatment to accelerate the global elimination of lymphatic filariasis – a disabling and disfiguring neglected tropical disease.

WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record

Global programme to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis: Progress Report 2016

Global programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis: progress report, please see page 594. WHO, October 6, 2017.

WeeklyEpidemiologicalRecordLFp594 (639.38 KB)

Resources and Tools

Webinar: LF Dossier Development and the Validation Process

This webinar explains the WHO process for validating elimination of LF as a public health problem and provides examples of developing the dossier.

Resources and Tools

A Guide for Independent Monitoring of Mass Drug Administration for Neglected Tropical Disease Control

This guide for implementing the IM strategy is based on the work that has been done through the National Neglected Tropical Disease Control Program in Sierra Leone.

hki_independent_monitorng_guide_english_sept_2017_2 (857.40 KB)


Community home-based prevention of disability due to lymphatic filariasis (English and French versions)

Community home-based prevention of disability due to lymphatic filariasis (English and French versions). Training Material. WHO, September 13, 2017.


Can Uganda eliminate river blindness by 2020?

14 August 2017

Article stating two more river blindness transmission zones in Uganda are free from the parasitic infection that that causes intense itching, rashes, eye lesions, and blindness.


Under the Microscope: Sudan’s High-Tech Onchocerciasis Lab

05 July 2017

A slideshow and article highlighting the fight against onchoserciasis in Sudan. Source: The Carter Center.


Resources and Tools

NTD Diagnostics and Diagnostic Methods: A Quick Reference Guide

Common diagnostic tools and methods used to “map” disease (determine which populations need treatment and other public health interventions to reduce transmission) and conduct ongoing disease surveillance.

Diagnostics Quick Reference Guide (535.25 KB)

Resources and Tools

Eliminating Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Urban Settings (Technical Brief)

Reaching the diverse groups that make up urban populations requires careful planning of different tailored approaches and often additional resources. Technical Brief: Envision, June 2017.

urban_mda_technical_brief_v6_0 (8.81 MB)

Resources and Tools

ENVISION Webinar on Fixed Obligation Grants: Sharing Best Practices

Brief overview of Fixed Obligation Grants (FOGs), a contractual mechanism used by the project to fund local NTD control program activities.

fog_webinar_final (4.00 MB)


Cruzada contra el mal de la pata de elefante (Espanol)

03 May 2017

An article on the global alliance working to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (Espanol). El Pais, May 3, 2017.


A global attack on long-neglected tropical diseases is succeeding

27 April 2017

An article on how donors and drug firms are co-operating to defeat ancient plagues. The Economist, April 27, 2017.


Tanzania: Fighting Neglected Diseases ‘Means Uplifting Livelihoods’

19 April 2017

An article published on one of Tanzania’s leading English-language news sites, exploring the concept that eliminating NTDs should be focused on economically disadvantaged populations.


MDP Anniversary Event: reuniting key players Carter, Foege, Vagelos

In October 2012, The Mectizan Donation Program celebrated its 25th anniversary with NGDO Partner The Carter Center at The Carter Center in Atlanta.