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Special requests for Mectizan

In some cases, onchocerciasis is found in non-endemic countries when an individual or individuals have lived in an endemic country for an extended period of time.

Mectizan Special Request Form.doc (62.50 KB)


Scientists May Have Solved The Mystery Of Nodding Syndrome

15 February 2017

Explore this article on the link between efforts to eliminate river blindness and the potential to reduce a mysterious and rare form of epilepsy.

Resources and Tools

Coverage Survey Resource Package

Other Guidance (to download):

Includes Coverage & KAP Questionnaire (electronic and paper versions), Coverage Survey Report Outline, Sample Report (English version), and Coverage Evaluation Survey Guidance. 


Unsung Saviors: Decatur’s Task Force for Global Health is helping eliminate horrific diseases

30 January 2017

Article on The Task Force for Global Health: “You’ve heard of the CDC, but you probably didn’t know about this under-the-radar nonprofit.”

WHO Guide

Validation of elimination of lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem

Publication delineating the difference between “verification” and “validation” regarding the elimination of lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem, and setting out standard operating procedures for use when a Member State wishes to request such validation.

Validation of Elimination of LF as Public Health Problem-eng (1.28 MB)



Le webinaire fournit un résumé des principales étapes de la gestion de lES événements indésirables graves, y compris répondre aux besoins des patients et de la communauté, déterminer si un événement doit être considéré et des événements indésirables graves, déclarer les SAE, enquêter pour déterminer la causalité et corriger le problème pour assurer le succès futur de MDA programmes.


Disease elimination and eradication: are our silos sustainable?

21 December 2016

“Progress has been made in every area that makes disease elimination and eradication possible — from diagnosis and treatment to mapping and modelling.


2015 Merck Mectizan Award given to Dr Laurent Yaméogo

21 November 2016

On behalf of Merck & Co., Inc.* and the Mectizan Donation Program, we are delighted to announce that Dr. Laurent Yaméogo was selected as the recipient of the 2015 Merck Mectizan Award in recognition of his contributions to the elimination of onchocerciasis (river blindness). 

Resources and Tools

Job Aid: Calculating Coverage (English and French versions)

This job aid (provided in English and French versions below) addresses how to calculate different types of coverage – geographical, epidemiological, program, and national.

Resources and Tools

IEC and Social Mobilization NTD Tool Kit (French version)

Ce guide propose aux utilisateurs de suivre, étape par étape, le processus à mettre en place afin depouvoir systématiquement et stratégiquement revoir, réviser, développer, adapter les documents et les autres outils IEC ainsi que les approches autour de la mobilisation sociale.

ntd_social_mobilization_guide_french_digital (938.38 KB)

Resources and Tools

IEC and Social Mobilization NTD Tool Kit

The IEC and Social Mobilization NTD Tool Kit helps NTD programs ensure that they are using strategic and effective communication and social mobilization strategies as part of their activities.

ntd_social_mobilization_toolkit (923.29 KB)

WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record

Ensuring the timely supply and management of medicines for preventive chemotherapy against neglected tropical diseases

Progress towards eliminating onchocerciasis in the WHO Region of the Americas: verification of elimination of transmission in Guatemala (page 501), World Epidemiological Record, 2015–2016.

WER9143pp501_505 (921.04 KB)