Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease

The Mectizan Donation Program is co-sponsoring an exhibit in partnership with The Carter Center and the American Museum of Natural History titled “Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease.” The exhibit uses photography, videography, and artifacts to highlight several global efforts to fight infections. The highlight of the exhibit is the more-than-30-year campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease. When the program began in 1986, there were an estimated 3.5 million people infected. Today, there are only 126 cases left worldwide. Guinea Worm will be the second human disease after smallpox to be eradicated. This is a remarkable achievement through the work of The Carter Center, WHO, and endemic countries and communities, and other partners.

The exhibition also highlights ongoing programs to eliminate river blindness, lymphatic filariasis, and malaria as well as the ongoing campaign to eradicate polio. The challenges facing highly communicable diseases, like Ebola, are also featured.

The exhibit will run through 12 July 2015 after which it will be moved to a new venue.

(Update: Click here to view the virtual exhibit, now hosted by the American Museum of Natural History.)

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