MDP Annual Highlights 2021: Mectizan Expert Committee activities in 2021

(An excerpt from the Mectizan Donation Program Annual Highlights for 2021)

The Mectizan Donation Program was established in 1987 in part to serve as the secretariat for the Mectizan Expert Committee, which is the independent, technical body of experts providing scientific, technical, and medical oversight for the donation of Mectizan.

Grid showing the faces of 9 people participating in a Zoom meeting. The text reads Mectizan Expert Committee Albendazole Coordinator
The MEC/AC continued to hold its meetings virtually in 2021.

The Mectizan Expert Committee (MEC) was originally composed of 7 members, including the chair. In 1998, two more members were added to contribute expertise on lymphatic filariasis elimination and to provide a mechanism to coordinate GSK’s donation of albendazole to be co-administered with Mectizan for LF elimination. These internationally recognized experts serve on a rotating basis for 3- to 6-year terms. Their collective expertise includes public health, tropical diseases, ophthalmology, parasitology, entomology, program implementation, social science, and other disciplines.

Now known as the Mectizan Expert Committee/Albendazole Coordination, they meet in the spring and fall of each year. The spring meeting is reserved for MEC members and other participants invited to address specific agenda items. The fall meeting is expanded to include broad participation from partners including country representatives, NGOs, donors, etc. In 2021 all MEC/AC gatherings were virtual.

In 2021 the MEC/AC included: MEC Chair Prof. Gilbert Burnham (USA); LF expert Prof. Yaya Coulibaly (Mali); behavioral health scientist Dr. Alison Krentel (Canada); parasitologist Dr. Tom Nutman (USA); entomologist and parasitologist Prof. B.E.B. Nwoke (Nigeria); parasitologist Dr. Sébastien Pion (France); LF expert Dr. Kapa Ramaiah (India); epidemiologist and mathematical modeler Dr. Wilma Stolk (the Netherlands); and ophthalmologist Dr. Tony Ukety (Democratic Republic of the Congo). 2021 News

Learn more about the MEC members and their affiliations here.

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