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Human Access for Partnership and Development (HUMAN ACCESS)

Human Access for Partnership and Development (HUMAN ACCESS) is a Yemeni non-profit organization which aims to contribute to poverty alleviation and sustainable development focusing on rural areas, youth, women and children. The activities of HUMAN ACCESS cover all governorates of Yemen.

HUMAN ACCESS enjoys excellent and renewed relationship with key development partners, both locally, regionally and internationally since its establishment in 1990. HUMAN ACCESS adopts an institutional work approach and has secured ISO certification (2008) for Quality Management System. The organization also enjoys membership in numerous regional and international forums, including: ECOSOC and UN DPI-NGO.

Formerly known as CSSW-Yemen, HUMAN ACCESS began the implementation of the onchocerciasis program in 2000 in two governorates. Then, the project expanded to cover five governorates where the disease prevails, namely, Hajjah, Mahweet, Sana’a, Raimah and Hodeida. The project succeeded in reducing the disease prevalence to its lowest level in (19) districts of the targeted five governorates.

This encouraged Yemen to modify the strategy from control to elimination. Actually, in 2013, the new methodology was adopted for the ultimate elimination of the disease in Yemen. In 2014, the project was implemented in partnership with the Global Mectizan Program in Atlanta, USA, and WHO in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health & Population. Mass and individual Mectizan tablets were distributed in the target areas. The program also conducted epidemiological and entomological surveys, in addition to conduction of logistic, health education, and training in the target areas. Supervisory visits and study of cases were also conducted. Statistical table shows male and female beneficiaries of Onchocerciasis Control Program in 2014.