Announcing the Global Onchocerciasis Network for Elimination (GONE)

The Global Onchocerciasis Network for Elimination (GONE) was officially launched in January 2023. Established by WHO, member states, and partners, GONE will serve as a platform for collaboration to assist countries with achieving the 2030 NTD Road Map onchocerciasis (river blindness) elimination goals. GONE will be a country-driven initiative supported by WHO and funding partners with an emphasis on developing pragmatic and flexible solutions to ensure the needs of individual country programs are met. Specific sub-committees will be established to identify key challenges and collaborate on strategies to address challenges so that elimination targets stay on track.

“Establishing GONE is an important step in making progress toward the NTD Road Map goals,” says MDP director Yao Sodahlon.

GONE launch video:

The GONE logo represents the waves of fast-flowing rivers and the shape of an eye signifying river blindness.

GONE is currently holding a webinar series spotlighting country oncho elimination programs. To date, webinars have been held for Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, and Tanzania. National program leaders present progress, challenges, and critical actions needed; followed by a panel discussion with neighboring countries and questions from webinar participants.

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